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[RISCV][GlobalISel] Add lowerReturn for calling conv

Authored by nitinjohnraj on Jan 14 2022, 7:26 AM.



Add minimal support to lower return, and introduce an OutgoingValueHandler and an OutgoingValueAssigner for returns.

Supports return values with integer, pointer and aggregate types.

(Update of D69808 - avoiding commandeering that revision)

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This needs its own patch and justification

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This looks like you're copying the broken form of splitToValueTypes from x86. I think trying to handle all of the argument marshalling in simple looking callbacks like this is unworkable. If you call the generic splitToValueTypes in CallLowering, it should try to handle everything for you

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This is reinventing generic infrastructure

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Ditto, this is a less complete copy of the generic infrastructure

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Don't reinvent existing generic functions; instead introduce an OutgoingValueAssigner to allow us to call determineAndHandleAssignments.

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Probably should have some vectors

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This looks redundant.


Can we avoid this change?


Why do we need to promote the static functions into the header here?

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nitinjohnraj requested review of this revision.May 22 2023, 8:39 AM

This has been stagnant for a while, and there were a few open comments, so could I reaffirm the approval of this patch?


This change is in order to use RISCVCCAssignFn in RISCVOutgoingValueAssigner above. We could maybe avoid that by inlining the type instead of changing the access specifier, but should we?


In order to use them on line 111 in llvm/lib/Target/RISCV/GISel/RISCVCallLowering.cpp. Should we maybe move this outside the RISCV namespace?


If I understand correctly, this patch doesn't handle vectors.

arsenm added inline comments.May 22 2023, 8:49 AM

New tests must use opaque pointers

Used opaque pointer in test

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Drop curly braces


alphabetize the forward declarations

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