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[Matrix] Add matrix type to Clang (WIP).
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Authored by fhahn on Jan 6 2020, 9:05 AM.



This patch adds a matrix type to Clang as described in
"Matrix Support in Clang" on cfe-dev [1]. The patch is not intended for
review yet, just to provide an idea how the implementation would look

One aspect in particular I would appreciate feedback on is how to best
ensure matrix type values are aligned the same as pointers to the
element type, while using LLVM's vector type to lower operations.

The main problem is struct layouting, where LLVM's vector type has a
larger alignment than desired.

To work around that fact, the patch uses array types as storage types for
matrix values, but vector types in other contexts. After loading/before
storing, we bitcast between array type and vector type. Alternatively
we could opt for generating packed LLVM structs.

The builtins will be added in separate, follow-on patches.


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@jwakely it would be great if you could have a brief look at our recent proposal for matrix support in Clang and could let us know if you have any concerns? The original proposal is being discussed on cfe-dev ( and the discussion continued in January

We are currently updating the proposal to use operators instead of builtins, but it would be good to know if you have any high-level concerns.