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make the AsmPrinterHandler array public

Authored by vtjnash on Feb 6 2020, 1:12 PM.



This lets external consumers customize the output, similar to how AssemblyAnnotationWriter lets the caller define callbacks when printing IR. The array of handlers already existed, this just cleans up the code so that it can be exposed publically.

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vtjnash created this revision.Feb 6 2020, 1:12 PM
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@rnk would you be an appropriate reviewer for this idea and willing to look it over? I see @timurrrr originally created this generalization that I'm proposing exposing (r196288 / 1cd1444449cb68e2091e8f36785403288ebd3326), but that he's not working with the llvm project anymore. Thanks!

vtjnash updated this revision to Diff 293497.Sep 22 2020, 9:43 AM

clang-format patch

rnk added a comment.Sep 22 2020, 11:33 AM

I can take a look.


Maybe a better API for this would be to have an AsmPrinter::addAsmPrinterHandler method, so there could be more than one annotation writer.

Either way, something in-tree should either call the API or set the field. You could extend the AsmPrinterDwarfTest unit test to exercise this API.

BTW, this would be a great way to implement source code interleaving:


We are always managing object lifetimes in C++, so I don't think it's useful to say we are "working around the lack of a garbage collector." What this class does is to make the AsmPrinterHandler not be owned by the Handler vector.

However, I think it would be simpler to store a boolean "unowned" bit in HandlerInfo and then have the destructor check that and release the unique_ptr member.

Alternatively, maybe we can extend the lifetime of all handlers. As written, you are only extending the AAW lifetime from doFinalization to ~AsmPrinter, so there's really very little difference. I checked ~EHStreamer, ~DwarfDebug, ~CodeViewDebug, and none of them do interesting things in the destructor. Maybe you can remove the Handlers.clear() call later or remove it completely, and have standard ownership semantics, which would be best.


I suppose if it were an API, you would have to supply these timer names. Bleh.


This is the main change: now the handlers get called back when there is no debug info, and most of the changes are to cope with that. I'm OK with it.

vtjnash updated this revision to Diff 298551.Oct 15 2020, 11:48 PM

@rnk I've generalized the API to your suggestion and added a test. Let me know what you think, thanks!


BTW, this would be a great way to implement source code interleaving:

I didn't know there were issues for it! But yeah, that's essentially what I had created this for! (I already had the code plugin to do it for arbitrary IR, so this was just exposing the equivalent surface API that I could use it here too.)

I've attempted to add a test where you described. Let me know if that looks right!


I went ahead and changed the API to be more general with a AsmPrinter::addAsmPrinterHandler method, and in the process did away with the need for this adapter class. I distinguish between user and ephemeral handlers by keeping track of how many are in the array, and only erasing the ones that are ephemeral while preserving those added by the user up front.


Yeah, my usage only needed to add a single item, so it seemed somewhat more minimal to deal with it this way, but it seems now as simple to expose the whole struct type.


Correct. Previously, it appears that the code only partially handled the notion of having multiple handlers—particularly for having the given handler enabled without having all debug information present due to the calls to the shared state setDebugInfoAvailability(false). Fortunately, there were just a few spots where those assertions needed to be removed and some conditions localized to remove that global assumption.

rnk accepted this revision.Oct 16 2020, 11:33 AM

Looks good, thanks! Please implement the suggestions at your discretion before landing.


Please remove the extra semicolon and reformat to add the space before the brace.


Please add a comment here elaborating a bit on this. This is deleting all the handlers that AsmPrinter added, while keeping all the user-added handlers alive until the AsmPrinter is destroyed.


This is test code, but to have one less owning raw pointer, I suggest passing TestPrinter->releaseAP() here directly, and initialize the above AP variable with getAP().

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rsmith added a subscriber: rsmith.Oct 16 2020, 2:22 PM

FYI, it looks like this broke a bunch of build bots, for example:

Yep, I saw that too. I pushed a revert commit while I wait for the tests locally to rerun and confirm my fix for that.

uabelho added a subscriber: uabelho.Nov 4 2020, 4:42 AM


Is this commit supposed to change the output from llc?


llc -disable-debug-info-print=true -o - unwind-tables.opt.ll


define i16 @main() nounwind {
  ret i16 0

! = !{!0}
!llvm.module.flags = !{!3, !4, !5}
!llvm.ident = !{!6}

!0 = distinct !DICompileUnit(language: DW_LANG_C99, file: !1, producer: "clang version 12.0.0", isOptimized: true, runtimeVersion: 0, emissionKind: LineTablesOnly, enums: !2, splitDebugInlining: false, nameTableKind: None)
!1 = !DIFile(filename: "unwind-tables.c", directory: "/tmp")
!2 = !{}
!3 = !{i32 7, !"Dwarf Version", i32 4}
!4 = !{i32 2, !"Debug Info Version", i32 3}
!5 = !{i32 1, !"wchar_size", i32 4}
!6 = !{!"clang version 12.0.0"}

I now get


in the output which I didn't before.

It seems like the behavior of -disable-debug-info-print=true has changed. Before -disable-debug-info-print=true would call MMI->setDebugInfoAvailability(false); in DwarfDebug::beginModule(), but that doesn't seem to happen anymore.

Is this expected?

Bah, I meant to post my comment in I did now.