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[ARM] First MVE instructions: scalar shifts.

Authored by miyuki on May 30 2019, 8:19 AM.



This introduces a new decoding table for MVE instructions, and starts
by adding the family of scalar shift instructions that are part of the
MVE architecture extension: saturating shifts within a single GPR, and
long shifts across a pair of GPRs (both saturating and normal).

Some of these shift instructions have only 3-bit register fields in
the encoding, with the low bit fixed. So they can only address an odd
or even numbered GPR (depending on the operand), and therefore I add
two new register classes, GPREven and GPROdd.

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I think it would be better to pass bits {5-4} as an argument. Then the definition would look like:

def t2SQSHL : t2MVEShiftSRegImm<"sqshl", 0b11>;

which I think is nicer, conciser, and more consistent (with other .td descriptions).

Same for other instructions further below.

ostannard added inline comments.
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If all of the instructions in this file are expected to be valid with and without FP, we can use the same check-prefix for both. We should also check the error output in the no-FP case.

We should probably also be checking that these instructions are all rejected when MVE is disabled, like you are already doing for disassembly.

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Fixed the tablegen file and tests according to reviewer's comments. Added missing cases to ARMRegisterBankInfo.cpp

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This file needs the normal copyright headers, if this is where it is added.

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