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[CodeGen] Fix incorrect usage of MCPhysReg for diff list elements

Authored by barannikov88 on May 20 2023, 1:44 PM.



The lists contain differences between register numbers, not the register
numbers themselves. Since a difference can also be negative, this also
changes its type to signed.

Changing the type to signed exposed a "bug". For AMDGPU, which has many
registers, the first element of a sequence could be as big as ~45k.
The value does not fit into int16_t, but fits into uint16_t. The bug
didn't show up because of unsigned wrapping and truncation of the Val
field in the advance() method.

To fix the issue, I changed the way regunit difflists are encoded. The
4-bit 'scale' field of MCRegisterDesc::RegUnit was replaced by 12-bit
number of the first regunit, and the first element of each of the lists
was removed. The higher 20 bits of RegUnit field contain the initial
offset into DiffLists array.
AMDGPU has 1'409 regunits (2^12 = 4'096), and the biggest offset is
80'041 (2^20 = 1'048'576). That is, there is enough room.

Changing the encoding method also resulted in a smaller array size, the
numbers are below (I omitted targets with less than 100 elements).

AMDGPU   | 80052 | 78741 |  -1,6%
RISCV    |  6498 |  6297 |  -3,1%
ARM      |  4181 |  3966 |  -5,1%
AArch64  |  2770 |  2592 |  -6,4%
PPC      |  1578 |  1441 |  -8,7%
Hexagon  |   994 |   740 | -25,6%
R600     |   508 |   398 | -21,7%
VE       |   471 |   459 |  -2,5%
Sparc    |   381 |   363 |  -4,7%
X86      |   326 |   208 | -36,2%
Mips     |   253 |   200 | -20,9%
SystemZ  |   186 |   162 | -12,9%

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Maybe inline advance into its one remaining caller.

barannikov88 added inline comments.May 22 2023, 6:12 PM

Changed prior to commit.

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The issue with the first buildbot breakage is that needsStackFrame in HexagonFrameLowering.cpp calls subregs_inclusive for the zero register.
It used to work because MCRegisterDesc for the zero register referred to the beginning of the DiffList array, where it contained two consecutive zeros.
The effect was as if the zero register didn't have any sub- or super-registers.
After this patch, these two zero entries are no longer emitted.

It feels like subregs_inclusive and related methods (and maybe even MCRegisterInfo::get) should not allow zero register input,
but it appears that many places rely on this behavior (probably unintended). Fixing all this places is out of scope of this patch,
so I'll just restore the original behavior by special-casing zero register input with a fixme.

Add a couple of assertions and fix detected bugs

barannikov88 added a comment.EditedMay 23 2023, 11:17 AM

I added a couple of assertions.
Although there were many crashes, they narrowed down to just a few places, so I thought I might be able to fix them is this patch.


@arsenm @foad Please take a look. Is this a correct change?
MFI->getGITPtrLoReg(MF) above returns null register for !ST.isAmdPalOS().
Also, is it ok for this change to be part of this patch or should it be fixed separately?

Fix a couple more places

Fix another occurrence in bolt

Rebase on top of D151285

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.May 24 2023, 10:14 PM

Drop Hexagon changes (extracted into separate review)