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[PATCH 18/27] [noalias] Introduce PropagateAndConvertNoAlias pass
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Authored by jeroen.dobbelaere on Oct 4 2019, 3:09 PM.



This is part of the series started by D68484.

This pass moves llvm.noalias intrinsics to the ptr_provenance path of
load/store instructions. At the same time, they are converted into
llvm.provenance.noalias intrinsics. For llvm.noalias intrinsics that are
returned or passed as arguments, a llvm.noalias.arg.guard is introduced,
combining the pointer path and the ptr_provenance path.

This migration allows other optimization passes to do changes on the
normal pointer path, without impacting the ptr_provenance path that
contains the restrict/noalias related information.

Note: this is a stable point and tests should run fine with the patches applied up to this point.

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A testcase from Alexey, triggers this FIXME (see

We should do the same here as in lines 810-835, but on Operand 0.

As this is the third time we have this kind of code, it should also be refactored out.

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This update adds 'llvm.noalias.arg.guard' to noalias pointers that are stored to memory. This ensures that the noalias relationship is not lost when the stores are optimized away later on.

Thanks to @alexey.zhikhar for reporting this problem.

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Rebased to 9fb46a452d4e5666828c95610ceac8dcd9e4ce16 (September 7, 2020)

Fix testcase where ptr_provenance type and ptr type were different.