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Apr 3 2019, 5:55 PM (10 w, 4 d)

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Mon, Jun 3

wenlei added inline comments to rG082d99f58cbe: Unbreak non-PIC builds after r362390 / D62720.
Mon, Jun 3, 9:58 PM

Apr 30 2019

wenlei added a comment to D38061: Set AnonymousTagLocations false for ASTContext if column info is expected not to be used.

Seems like the right thing would be for the DWARF code that wants a rendered type name to pass its own printing policy, rather than changing some relatively global one.

(though also I have my doubts about the whole approach - macro expansion can change the line number as well as the column number, so only suppressing column number would be insufficient - and this also reduces the usability for users (because the file/line/column of an anonymous type is a useful debugging aid). Seems to me like this should be opt-in if it's supported at all - though ideally build systems would use -frewrite-includes rather than full preprocessing, and then macros and lines/columns would be preserved, I think)

Apr 30 2019, 9:53 AM · Restricted Project