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[mlir][pdl] Remove CreateNativeOp in favor of a more general ApplyNativeRewriteOp.

Authored by rriddle on Jan 29 2021, 7:55 PM.



This has a numerous amount of benefits, given the overly clunky nature of CreateNativeOp:

  • Users can now call into arbitrary rewrite functions from inside of PDL, allowing for more natural interleaving of PDL/C++ and enabling for more of the pattern to be in PDL.
  • Removes the need for an additional set of C++ functions/registry/etc. The new ApplyNativeRewriteOp will use the same PDLRewriteFunction as the existing RewriteOp. This reduces the API surface area exposed to users.

This revision also introduces a new PDLResultList class. This class is used to provide results of native rewrite functions back to PDL. We introduce a new class instead of using a SmallVector to simplify the work necessary for variadics, given that ranges will require some changes to the structure of PDLValue.

Depends On D95719

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Could you show the C++ side here too?


Ooc why does the executor not use ref for first arg?

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For me it's more of conventional, i.e. it's a buffer of commands so it feels weird to pass a reference to the first value. I generally try to err on the side of "I pass this value in the way I expect to use it", which in this case is always as a buffer.

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