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[DAGCombine][X86][AArch64][MIPS][LANAI] (C - x) - y -> C - (x + y) fold (PR41952)

Authored by lebedev.ri on Jun 1 2019, 5:50 AM.



This *might* be the last fold for sink-addsub-of-const.ll, but i'm not sure yet.

As far as i can tell, there are no regressions here (ignoring x86-32),
all changes are either good or neutral.

This, almost surprisingly to me, fixes the motivational tests (in shift-amount-mod.ll)
@reg32_lshr_by_sub_from_negated from PR41952.

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Do we gain anything from the general case here? This seems to cause a small increase in register pressure in many cases - limit to the (0 - x) - y negation case only?

lebedev.ri added inline comments.Jun 1 2019, 11:19 AM
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Could you please be more specific?
The only regressions i'm seeing are 32-bit @reg64_lshr_by_sub_from_negated*
The obvious positives are all these newly-formed neg <- which is kinda the endgoal here.

If we limit this to only hoist neg (and this will be the first such restriction
in all of these patches), then naturally, the @reg64_lshr_by_sub_from_negated*
pattern will no longer produce neg, since the sub 64, %x will not be sunk.

That can still be fixed, if we transform C-X to neg(x)+C or so in DAGCombine,
I was actually going to look into that, but it looked to not be necessary
with this patch in it's current form.

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Yes I think your right - sorry I was being over cautious!

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Thank you for the review!

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No problem, thank you for confirming my understanding here!

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