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[mlir][PDL] Add support for variadic operands and results in the PDL byte code

Authored by rriddle on Jan 29 2021, 7:56 PM.



Supporting ranges in the byte code requires additional complexity, given that a range can't be easily representable as an opaque void *, as is possible with the existing bytecode value types (Attribute, Type, Value, etc.). To enable representing a range with void *, an auxillary storage is used for the actual range itself, with the pointer being passed around in the normal byte code memory. For type ranges, a TypeRange is stored. For value ranges, a ValueRange is stored. The above problem represents a majority of the complexity involved in this revision, the rest is adapting/adding byte code operations to support the changes made to the PDL interpreter in the parent revision.

After this revision, PDL will have initial end-to-end support for variadic operands/results.

Depends On D95722

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I'll probably need to go through these again later, but looks good from check and can be refined later.


Is there no helper that covers these? Seems like a tagged union with generic pointer


I stream output of these I found useful for debugging before. Not needed as part of this.

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Not that I know of. All of the pointer union functionality in LLVM that I know of relies on using bits from the pointer, and not an additional tag field.


SG, will add more debug logging in a followup.

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