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[mlir] support materialization for 1-1 type conversions

Authored by ftynse on May 11 2020, 10:10 AM.


Dialect conversion infrastructure supports 1->N type conversions by requiring
individual conversions to provide facilities to generate operations
retrofitting N values into 1 of the original type when N > 1. This
functionality can also be used to materialize explicit "cast"-like operations,
but it did not support 1->1 type conversions until now. Modify TypeConverter to
support materialization of cast operations for 1-1 conversions.

This also makes materialization specification more extensible following the
same pattern as type conversions. Instead of overloading a virtual function,
users or subclasses of TypeConversion can now register type-specific
materialization callbacks that will be called in order for the given type.

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(Sorry for the delay)

Looks really clean, thanks!


typo: convertibe


nit: form:


Can we remove the virtual here? That should enable removing the vtable completely.


Are these duplicated from below?


nit: Can you just use an if for the initialization?

Value newArg;
if (typeConverter)
  newArg = ...
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(Sorry for the delay)

No worries! Flang folks seemed to need it, but they did not insist in the end.


I don't see any in-tree overrides of this, but let's do it as a separate commit in case somebody depends on it.


Indeed, removed.

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