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[c++] Implement P1957R0 - narrowing pointer-to-bool

Authored by lichray on Jul 1 2019, 2:04 PM.



This patch implements the Core language part. The
library part may need a version check.

A few details w.r.t. the paper:

  • The Annex D wording implies a C++20 change as requested by Core, but this forms a contradiction because that won't be available for US 212 which requests a fix for a DR against C++17. Therefore this patch implements the paper as a DR against C++11 for now.
  • This narrowing category does not consider whether the value fits or whether the object to convert from is a literal (MSVC).
  • nullptr to bool is not a conversion (although Clang thinks it is), so nullptr is outside the scope of this change.


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Regenerate the diff in Git, update description, link to paper.

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Implemented in 7ef45f45f67.