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[RISCV] Lower calls through PLT

Authored by lewis-revill on Dec 4 2018, 5:15 PM.



This patch adds support for generating calls through the procedure linkage table where required for a given ExternalSymbol or GlobalAddress callee.

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Do we want to be parsing the @plt for things other than call/tail? PseudoLLA also takes a bare_symbol but @plt isn't valid. Currently we parse bar@plt as a valid bare symbol; however, GNU as will reject it with illegal operands (as I understand it, this is because it doesn't treat @ as part of a valid identifier).

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This can be inlined in LowerCall, especially once the fno-plt stuff is gone, as it's the only user.

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This seems to be X86-specific in LLVM; do we really need this in RISC-V? Clang's test/CodeGen/noplt.c gives a normal call foo@plt when compiled with riscv64-linux-gnu-gcc -fpic -fno-plt, so I would remove this and the related code.

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Hmm, probably a good idea. I guess I'd have to add yet another operand type in RISCVInstrInfo. Checking Operands[0] for "call" or "tail" seems a bit hacky to me, but maybe it's a reasonable approach?

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OK, that makes things a lot simpler for LowerCall then. Is there no case where calls need to be lowered using GOT?

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Splitting this patch into MC layer and Codegen.

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Split into MC layer (patch D55335) and codegen (this patch).

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Removed capability of lowering through GOT since there is no apparent need to do so.

Rebased to use D55560 and with fewer dependencies

lewis-revill retitled this revision from [RISCV, WIP] Lower calls through PLT to [RISCV] Lower calls through PLT.


Rebased and added testing using -relocation-model=pic in 'calls.ll'. Also added a dso_local callee to 'calls.ll' since this affects whether PLT is used for PIC.

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LGTM, thanks!

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