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[flang] Upstream partial lowering of EXIT intrinsic

Authored by josh.mottley.arm on Jan 25 2022, 6:27 AM.



This patch adds partial lowering of the "EXIT" intrinsic to
the backend runtime hook implemented in patch D110741. It also adds a
helper function to the RuntimeCallTestBase.h for testing for an
intrinsic function call in a mlir::Block.

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josh.mottley.arm requested review of this revision.Jan 25 2022, 6:27 AM

Thanks @josh.mottley.arm , comments inline!


Could you refine this a bit?

  • "Check the operations in \p block for containing a fir::CallOp operation where its name matches \p fctName" -> this suggests that the name of fir::CallOp should be fctName, but in fact it's the function that fir::CallOp calls that's matched against fctName
  • This method will only check the first instance of fir::CallOpt(fctName)and exit, right? I think that that's fine, but worth documenting too.

A bit more context:

  • EXPECT_TRUE(block); --> I would move this to where the block is created. In this function I'd use assertinstead (to verify that this method is used correctly)
  • you don't really need opFound :)
  • everything else is a "nit" - feel free to ignore

Addressed awarzynski comments.

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Is this comment better?

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Thanks for addressing my comments! LGTM



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Addressed awarzynski comments.

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