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[lld-macho] Use export trie instead of symtab when linking against dylibs

Authored by int3 on Thu, Apr 30, 8:02 PM.



This allows us to link against stripped dylibs. Moreover, it's simply
more correct: The symbol table includes symbols that the dylib uses but
doesn't export.

This temporarily regresses our ability to do lazy symbol binding because
dyld_stub_binder isn't in libSystem's export trie. Rather, it is in one
of the sub-libraries libSystem re-exports. (This doesn't affect our
tests since we are mocking out dyld_stub_binder there.) A follow-up diff
will address this by adding support for sub-libraries.

Depends on D79114.

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Can we make this a Twine & instead? Really, a const Twine & should have sufficed, but Twine.h doesn't mark the various operator+ as const even though concat is const :/ (I'll look into fixing that.)

The reason I'm suggesting a reference is that a twine doesn't own any memory, so that if you e.g. concatenate a Twine and a StringRef, the result Twine will store a pointer to that StringRef. Theoretically, in parse below, the compiler could convert the recursive call in the last iteration in the loop to a tail call, since you're passing the Twine by value (and it's small enough to be passed in directly on at least certain ABIs), and both Twine and StringRef have trivial destructors. In that case, the StringRef pointer stored by that Twine will become dangling (since it's pointing to a stack variable in a frame that'll be reused for the tail call). Taking the argument by reference should prevent this by preventing any possibility of a tail call.

(In practice, I don't think the tail call optimization will happen, but eh. I'm also not sure if the x86-64 ABI would let Twines be passed by value in practice either, but it's best to not assume the details of any particular ABI.)


Nit: I'd name this callback or something else more descriptive than f :)


You should include the input file name in this error message.


Might be worth running an nm or similar after to confirm that the symbol table is empty.

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Oh, wait, operator+ is a non-member function, so it doesn't need to be const. const Twine & should work here then, I think.

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oh good point about TCO! Never realized it could cause issues like that.

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address comments

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clang-format may prefer const llvm::Twine & /*name*/

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