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[lld-macho] Avoid unnecessary preprocessing of relocations

Authored by int3 on Apr 29 2020, 9:53 PM.



Previously, we parsed them into a Reloc struct when reading the input,
but that's unnecessary. Handling them at output time is closer to what
lld-ELF is doing, and should make future parallelization work easier.

Depends on D79114.

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int3 created this revision.Apr 29 2020, 9:53 PM
Herald added a project: Restricted Project. · View Herald TranscriptApr 29 2020, 9:53 PM

Hmm. I thought part of the reason the original prototype parsed them early was to handle subsections via symbols (where you may need to adjust relocations based on subsection splitting). Do you have a sense of how this would play with that?

If I understand our current setup, we're parsing the relocations early but only resolving them (as in writing out their target) at the end, so that end part should still represent opportunities for parallelism, I think. (We should also figure out exactly what it is that COFF and ELF parallelize, and check if our design can handle parallelizing those as well.)

int3 added a comment.Apr 30 2020, 4:03 AM

I'm still a bit hazy on how subsections and their relocations will end up looking like, but I don't see why we might need to adjust relocations at load time instead of at output time. From what I understand, we basically need to figure out which subsection a given relocation's address points into. Presumably subsections will keep track of their original address ranges in the input file, so we can do the relocation -> subsection mapping at output time too. Well, I should probably have a look at how ld64 handles subsections...

int3 added a comment.Apr 30 2020, 1:10 PM

I *think* what ld64 does is to translate the raw relocation structures into "fixups" that target specific atoms / subsections. But it's still not clear to me that we can't do the relocation -> subsection mapping at output time. Moreover, given the current state of the implementation, I don't think having a separate Reloc struct is super useful -- all we're really doing is doing a 1:1 copy of various field values, plus the symbol/section resolution, and the latter can definitely be done at output time.

pcc added a comment.Apr 30 2020, 5:06 PM

The architecture may need to be different here IMHO because of subsections. Don't forget that you need to map relocations onto subsections in order to implement gc-sections, and depending on the number of subsections you have per section, that could get expensive without an intermediate data structure. On top of that you'd still need the O(M log N) at output time. To me it seemed better to pay the O(M log N) up front once and avoid the cost at gc-sections time.

int3 abandoned this revision.Apr 30 2020, 5:22 PM

Oh, that makes sense, I hadn't thought about gc-sections. Thanks for the insight @pcc!