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[MC][DWARF] Corrected handling of is_stmt flag in .loc directives

Authored by dp on Apr 14 2020, 5:46 AM.



According to DWARF standard, is_stmt is a global flag; when set or cleared it should affect subsequent .loc directives.

However llvm assembler handled is_stmt differently: it forced all locations to have is_stmt=1 unless is_stmt was specified explicitly as 0.

The proposed fix utilizes current DWARF state flags to compute correct is_stmt values.

See bug 45529 for a detailed issue description.

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dp created this revision.Apr 14 2020, 5:46 AM
jmorse added a subscriber: jmorse.Apr 14 2020, 5:57 AM

Should include the more detailed description in the actual commit message before submit


I would expect this needs to be in an x86 subdirectory or something, but it looks like none of the other tests here bother to check if x86 is built?

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dp marked an inline comment as done.Apr 14 2020, 9:33 AM
dp added inline comments.

Looks like x86 is the default target for testing generic functionality.

aprantl added inline comments.Apr 15 2020, 4:04 PM

So what happens if you build llvm without an X86 target and run check-llvm-mc?

dp marked an inline comment as done.Apr 16 2020, 4:21 AM
dp added inline comments.

The tests will be skipped as unsupported - see lit.local.cfg.

As mentioned above, the commit log should have a short standalone description of the problem/fix. It's fine to cite the bug report as well, but someone doing a "git log" should be able to tell what your patch is about without having to click links or look elsewhere.


Don't bother dumping with -debug-info or checking for an empty .debug_info section; it distracts from the purpose of this test.


To check for the absence of is_stmt you could put {{$}} at the end of this line; then you don't need the separate CHECK-NOT.
Same comment for the CHECK looking at line 6, below.

dp updated this revision to Diff 258288.Apr 17 2020, 4:31 AM
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Updated as suggested by Paul and Matt. Thank you for your help!

dp marked 4 inline comments as done.Apr 17 2020, 4:33 AM
probinson accepted this revision.Apr 17 2020, 5:07 AM

I suggest using past tense in the description, because commentary should describe the code as it is (after the patch).
Ex: llvm assembler handled ... it forced ... is_stmt was specified ...

LGTM aside from that.

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Apr 17 2020, 5:07 AM
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