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[NFC] Add the infrastructure to forward the scheduled state between MBB
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Authored by qiucf on Apr 28 2019, 7:31 PM.



Forward the scheduled state from the single pred MBB, as they are belong to the the same window from pipeline view.

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Do you mean Return true if scheduled state is saved successfully before leaving the MBB?


Does pred mean predecessor? I think it is best to use the full word for code documentation.


Maybe this is more clear?

/// Return predecessor if MBB have only a single predecessor.
fhahn added inline comments.Jun 17 2019, 3:28 AM

IIUC this would drop the way to specify this via the scheduling policy and could change behavior for existing policies around.

It might make sense to have state forwarding imply top down here (SchedImpl->doMBBSchedRegionsTopDown() || MF.getSubtarget().forwardScheduledState())

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Is there a benefit of putting this setting in here, rather than in the scheduling policy, like similar settings? Unless I am missing something, I think it would be more suitable in the scheduling policy, where we already have similar options.

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Address reviewer's comments. Thank you!


Thank you for the comments. I will update it.


Yes, it is. I will use the full item.



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Sounds good.

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please rebase

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