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InstCombine/AMDGPU: Add dimension-aware image intrinsics to SimplifyDemanded

Authored by nhaehnle on Jun 14 2018, 6:18 AM.



Use the expanded features of the TableGen generic tables to avoid manually
adding the combinatorially exploded set of intrinsics. The
getAMDGPUImageDimIntrinsic lookup function is early-out,
i.e. non-AMDGPU intrinsics will never look at the underlying table.

Use a generic approach for getting the new intrinsic overload to keep the
code simple, and make the image dmask handling more generic:

  • handle non-sampler image loads
  • handle the case where the set of demanded elements is not a prefix

There is some overlap between this code and an optimization that happens
in the backend during code generation. They currently complement each other:

  • only the codegen optimization can generate vec3 loads
  • only the InstCombine optimization can handle D16

The InstCombine optimization also likely covers more cases since the
codegen optimization is fairly ad-hoc. Ideally, we'll remove the optimization
in codegen once the infrastructure for vec3 is in place (which will probably
take a long time).

Modify the test cases to use dimension-aware intrinsics. This makes it
easier to see that the test coverage for the new intrinsics is equivalent,
and the old style intrinsics will be removed in a follow-up commit anyway.

Change-Id: I4b91ea661413d13004956fe4ef7d13d41b8ce3ad

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