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ARM,AArch64: Use generic tables instead of SearchableTable
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Authored by nhaehnle on Jun 11 2018, 5:47 AM.



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nhaehnle created this revision.Jun 11 2018, 5:47 AM

Its not clear to me why 'GenericTable' is more efficient/better than SearchableTable. Maybe you could give some background in the commit message about this. I implemented the ARMSystemRegister bit sometime ago and found SearchableTable quite useful and concise but perhaps GenericTable/Enum is even better.

Sorry for the lack of context.

With the parent revision, SearchableTable is implemented entirely in terms of the new primitives. So the idea is to remove SearchableTable to have only One Way of doing things rather than a proliferation of different approaches to expressing the same thing.

If people feel strongly that using GenericTable + SearchIndex is too verbose relative to SearchableTable, we can leave SearchableTable in. I just thought it'd be cleaner to get rid of it, given that it has become redundant.

Probably good to mention that this patch relies on

Probably good to mention that this patch relies on

Well, yes. I linked the revisions, but Phabricator's support for patch series doesn't seem to be widely used. It's what you see when you click on "Stack" in the overview.