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[mlir][linalg][bufferize] Add dialect filter to BufferizationOptions

Authored by springerm on Nov 28 2021, 11:40 PM.



This change adds a new option dialectFilter to BufferizationOptions. Only ops from dialects that are allow-listed in the filter are bufferized. Other ops are left unbufferized. Note: This option requires allowUnknownOps = true.

To make use of dialectFilter, BufferizationOptions or BufferizationState must be passed to various helper functions.

The purpose of this change is to provide a better infrastructure for partial bufferization, which will be fully activated in a subsequent change.

Depends On D114671

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Please move this to test passes, similar to the parent commit.
Once this is more fleshed out they can replace the existing "partial" bufferization passes (and shoule be renamed to partial at that point).

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add test case

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I've always found AllowListed to be an awkward mouthful, why not just isOpAllowed/isOpSupported/etc.


Leftover debugging here.

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