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[SVE][CodeGen] Replace uses of TypeSize comparison operators with calls to isKnownXY

Authored by david-arm on Thu, Oct 1, 6:58 AM.



In certain places in the code we can never end up in a situation where
we're mixing fixed width and scalable vector types. For example,
we can't have truncations and extends that change the lane count. In
such cases it's perfectly fine to replace the comparison operators
with calls to the equivalent TypeSize::isKnownXY functions. The answer
should always be known at compile time. Also, in other places such as
GenWidenVectorStores and GenWidenVectorLoads we know from the behaviour
of FindMemType that we can never choose a vector type with a different
scalable property.

In a couple of places I have used the EVT::bitsLT function instead, where it
probably makes sense to keep an assert that scalable properties match.

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I guess most of my comments relate to minimising direct uses of TypeSize.


Just a thought but if you get the EVT for Src then you could use bitsLT and then the comment is not needed as it'll assert as much.


Perhaps worth breaking this out into separate blocks. e.g.

LdStVT = LDST->getMemoryVT();

//Don't convert between fixed length and scalable types.
if (LdStVT.isScalable() != MemVT.isScalable())
  return false;

if (LdStVT.bitsLT(MemVT))

What do you think?


I got bored scrolling up but I believe this function is visitTRUNCATE and thus N0 has to have the same number of lanes as VT and thus bitsLT can be used?


Extends have to have the same number of lanes so I think this case can be converted to compare the size of the vector elements and thus use SrcVT.getScalarSizeInBits() * 2 < DestVT.getScalarSizeInBits().


My reading of this is that we're trying to create a scalar that's as big as the vector ValueVT. We don't support scalable scalar types and thus I'm wondering if the above assert can just use getFixedSizeInBits?

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