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[AArch64][Statepoints] Statepoint support for AArch64.
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Authored by loicottet on Aug 9 2019, 7:19 AM.



Provides support for garbage collection statepoints in the AArch64 backend. The GC transition flag is not supported yet.

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Correction of failing test cases

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I'm afraid I'm not up to speed on statepoints, but I thought I'd give some feedback nonetheless on the code as is.
I hope it's useful.


It seems strange to me that adding AArch64-target specific support (the purpose of this patch, I presume) needs a generic target-independent change like this.
If this is a bug in the target-independent part of statepoint support, I think it'd be best to split this off as a separate patch, with a regression tests demonstrating this issue on a target that already supports statepoints (which I presume is only x86_64 today).


If I understand the semantics of this change, the goal is to emit stack maps not only for MachO targets, but for all targets, such as those using ELF or COFF.
This implies that stack maps are not supported for ELF AArch64. According to documentation at stackmaps are also needed for supporting stackmap and patchpoint intrinsics.
In the spirit of incremental development, I wonder if it'd be possible to again split this off as a separate patch, introducing stackmap support?
I guess to do that, also support for patchpoint and stackmap intrinsics for ELF (and COFF?) targeting AArch64 may be needed, which may be non-trivial? OTOH, it seems those are already supported for MachO AArch64, so maybe it'd be a relatively small/simple thing to do in a separate patch?
Do you intend to also support COFF, or only add support for ELF here? If so, the emitStackMaps may still need to be guarded by an if-condition?

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I don't work on statepoints anymore.

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This does not look correct to me. I'd definitely demand to see a separate patch with a clear test case justifying this.


I agree on the separable patch bit. I think this is pretty straight forward, but a simple test and one line patch would be good.


This is wrong. STACKMAP and PATCHPOINT are destructive patching. STATEPOINT assumes non-destuctive patching. (i.e. no shadow region, nops explicitly supported and likely replaced before the code ever runs)

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This has indeed nothing to do here. I removed it.


I've been able to use statepoint and stackmap intrinsics and emit stack maps using these changes without trouble (for ELF at least). From the git history, it appears that the stack map was originally emitted for all object file formats until the MachO hack was added in be1d1b66. It looks like the stack map emission was included in it by mistake. I'll open a separate patch to fix this.


Reverted. I misunderstood the patching behaviours of the intrinsics.


Should this bugfix be part of a separate patch or is it ok to leave it in this PR as it enables correct statepoint operation?


Not sure about this, I'd appreciate if someone could confirm this is the way to do it.

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ping. I'd appreciate it if someone could take a look at the corrections I've made and tell me what this patch still needs to land. Thanks!

Just pinging this issue as a GraalVM user, this is blocking the most realistic way forward for Java for interop libraries, iOS or WASM. Gluon does not appear to use this patch for iOS and Graal 20 does not ship with it either in their in-tree LLVM fork. So maybe I'm misunderstanding how important it is. But please take another look.