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[clang][compiler-rt] Support LLVM_ENABLE_PER_TARGET_RUNTIME_DIR on Arm Linux and BSD

Authored by DavidSpickett on Dec 14 2022, 4:20 AM.



The orginal single folder layout produced libraries in the form:

That archname for Arm depended on whether you had hard or soft float.
This is sometimes shown as "arm" (soft) vs. "armhf" (hard).

If this is set in a triple we do it in the final portion, the ABI.
"gnueabi" for soft float, "gnueabihf" for hard float.

Meaning that the expected triple is:
Not this:

For the per target layout I have decided to rely on the ABI portion
of the triple instead of the arch name used for the old layout
(doing that would produce the invalid triple above).

This means that building with triple:
Will result in libraries in:

And clang will now know to look for "arm" instead of "armv8l".
Meaning that we can share libraries between an armv8 and armv7 build
as we did with the previous layout. In addition to handling spelling
differences e.g. "armv8l" with an "l" on some Linux distros.

compiler-rt will autodetect that the "armhf" and/or "arm" architecture
can be built. We then replace the given triple's architecture with that.
Then if the triple's float ABI doesn't match, we change that. That new
triple is then used as the folder name.

If you select to build only the given triple, with COMPILER_RT_DEFAULT_TARGET_ONLY,
compiler-rt will not autodetect the architecture and for that I assume you
know what you're doing. In that case the library path will use the unomdified triple.

From what I can tell, this is how most large builds e.g Android and
Arm's Embedded Toolchain for llvm do things. I assume that big endian "armeb"
builds would end up doing this too.

Bare metal builds will not be using per target runtime dirs so they
remain as they were.

Depends on D139536

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The first attempt at this was

The key difference is that...

It also seems like armhf-unknown-linux-gnueabihf duplicates the hf bit (there's both armhf and gnueabihf) which seems unnecessary.

I have solved this. The folder name is no longer a redundant (and, I found out, invalid) triple.

I haven't tested this on a BSD myself. I don't see a major reason it wouldn't work but if you think it's going to have issues I can do that testing and/or restrict this change to Linux only initially.

Thanks for doing this!


The comments can be combined. First state what this block does, then state that armeb is left out for a reason.

An example may be more descriptive than some words. Give an example of getTriple() and Arch values?

Expand the comment and show an example of changed triples.

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I will wait until after the 16 branch happens to land this. The release build already has some issues and I won't have time to do the fixups in the next few weeks.

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Remove the Armhf comment, rebase.

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