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[mlir][llvm] Add vector insert/extract intrinsics

Authored by jsetoain on Jun 6 2022, 4:05 AM.



These intrinsics will be needed to convert between fixed-length vectors
and scalable vectors.

This operation will be needed for VLS (vector-length specific)
vectorization, when interfacing with vector functions or intrinsics that
take scalable vectors as operands in a context where the length of our
vectors is known or assumed at compile time, but we still want to
generate scalable vector instructions.

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Bad merge

LGTM! A couple of comments

%0 = llvm.intr.experimental.vector.insert %arg0, %arg2[0] : vector<8xf32> into vector<[4]xf32>

I didn't know we could insert/extract larger multiples of the fixed part of the scalable type. That's interesting.
I think we should add custom verifiers to make sure the fixed type is the same as the fixed part of the scalable type or a multiple of it. I guess we should also check for the upper bound of these multiples based on the variants defined in LLVM.

jsetoain added inline comments.Jun 7 2022, 2:26 AM

Yes! The idea is to be able to interface VLS code with VLA functions. I'm writing another patch for shape_cast that will verify that the cast makes sense. The easiest restriction, for instance, is that the fixed-length vector must be a multiple of the scalable one, but what "a multiple" means gets complicated quickly if we think about multi-rank vectors (I'm working on it). As for checking the upper bound, since that's going to be architecture-dependent and we need this to be a bit higher level, I believe we should defer that to the architecture-dependent stages of the pipeline. The whole operation is already treading on a thin layer of unverifiability, we are assuming the programmer/compiler know what they're doing, so it should be acceptable. I want to elaborate on all these things (and more) in the post I promised, I just need to finish the shape_cast patch so we can discuss on the basis of a use case.

dcaballe added inline comments.Jun 7 2022, 12:05 PM

Take your time! In the meantime, let me clarify and ask a few questions:

  1. I assume that the shape_cast work and the multi-rank vector variants of the insert/extract operations would go to the Vector dialect, not to the LLVM dialect, right? Multi-dimensional vectors should have been unrolled or lowered to multi-dimensional arrays.
  2. Re verification (upper bound and fixed-scalable vector properties), the intrinsics in the LLVM dialect should faithfully represent the ones defined in LLVM. If we generated a variant that is not defined in LLVM (let's say <vscale x 4 x i32> @llvm.experimental.vector.insert.nxv4i32.v40960i32(<vscale x 4 x i32>, <40960 x i32>, i64 immarg), we shouldn't accept it in the LLVM dialect because we would generate invalid LLVM IR. I think we should only allow valid variants in the LLVM dialect (i.e., variants that are defined in LLVM). Any transformations aimed at "legalizing" high-level versions of these ops should happen before reaching the LLVM dialect.

Perhaps I'm missing something... :)

jsetoain added inline comments.Jun 8 2022, 2:01 AM

Let me elaborate a bit. The idea is to lower "non-trivial" fl->sv/sv->fl shape_casts to fl->fl/sv->sv "non-trivial" shape_cast plus a "trivial" fl->sv/sv->fl.

fl->fl and sv->sv are lowered as they do now (down to a series of insert/extracts, and then to LLVM), but the "trivial" fl->sv/sv->fl are replaced on the vector->llvm lowering by one of the vector.insert/extract intrinsics. There are other alternatives, but I think this one is the best.

By "trivial", I mean things like vector<4x4xf32> to vector<[4]xf32> or vector<4xf32> (which is equivalent to vector<1x4xf32>) to vector<[4]xf32> (and vice-versa). I call these trivial because a vector<[4]xf32> is equivalent to a vector<n x 4 x f32> where n is determined at runtime, hence things like vector<n x shape x type> are trivially "mappable" to a vector<[shape] x type> if we assume that the bitsize of your runtime vector is n x sizeof(type).

But we also need to be able to cast something like vector<2x8xi8> to vector<[16]xi8> by doing a cast from vector<2x8xi8> to vector<16xi8> and another (trivial) one from vector<16xi8> to vector<[16]xi8>; or the 256b VLS equivalent: vector<2x2x8xi8> to vector<[16]xi8> through vector<2x16xi8>. This would allow to interface VLS GEMM code with xMMLA SVE intrinsics, for instance.

Re.: 2, after doing a few tests, it looks like, indeed, vector.insert/extract have a limit to the fixed size of 2^17 bits. I don't understand why but, since it's there, I agree we need to add verification to avoid producing invalid LLVM Dialect that can't be translated to LLVM IR. It was I who was missing something :-P

Since it's taking so long and this is probably the worst place to have this discussion, I will open a discourse thread and we can talk about this over there :-)

jsetoain updated this revision to Diff 437151.EditedJun 15 2022, 7:13 AM

Accept fixed-length insert/extract

bsmith added a subscriber: bsmith.Jun 16 2022, 8:22 AM

Hopefully soon the vector.insert/extract intrinsics will be moving out of the experimental namespace ( Just a heads up, depending on which patch lands first.

Brilliant! Thanks for heads up, Bradley!

jsetoain updated this revision to Diff 437610.Jun 16 2022, 11:01 AM

Adding verification of vector sizes, allowing more modes of operation.

jsetoain marked an inline comment as done.Jun 16 2022, 11:04 AM

I believe this change addresses the issue with vectors being too long. I also changed the constraints to match those of the LLVM intrinsic.

jsetoain marked an inline comment as done.Jun 16 2022, 11:04 AM
jsetoain updated this revision to Diff 437676.Jun 16 2022, 1:03 PM

Add missing constraints.

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dcaballe accepted this revision.Jun 17 2022, 12:13 PM

LGTM! Thank you so much for addressing the comments and for the discussion!

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Jun 17 2022, 12:13 PM
jsetoain updated this revision to Diff 440173.Jun 27 2022, 4:55 AM

Rebase on top of main with LLVM vector.insert/extract outside of experimental

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