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Mar 3 2014, 12:41 PM (365 w, 5 d)

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Fri, Feb 26

Matt added inline comments to D97515: [docs] Add documentation on using the new pass manager.
Fri, Feb 26, 5:12 AM · Restricted Project

Thu, Feb 25

Matt added inline comments to D94395: [X86] AMD Znver3 Scheduler descriptions and llvm-mca tests.
Thu, Feb 25, 8:17 AM · Restricted Project

Aug 13 2020

Matt added inline comments to D85509: [flang] Add rudimentary bbc tool infrastructure..
Aug 13 2020, 10:01 AM · Restricted Project

Jan 2 2017

Matt added inline comments to rL290792: [c++17] Implement P0522R0 as written. This allows a template template argument.
Jan 2 2017, 11:33 AM

Apr 4 2016

Matt added a comment to D17412: PR19957: [OpenCL] incorrectly accepts implicit address space conversion with ternary operator.

Cool, thanks! I think we should commit this ASAP.

@Xiuli/@Matt, do you have any more comments here?

Apr 4 2016, 11:15 AM