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[lld-macho] Don't include CommandFlags.h in CommonLinkerContext.h

Authored by int3 on Feb 15 2022, 8:45 PM.



Main motivation: including llvm/CodeGen/CommandFlags.h in
CommonLinkerContext.h means that the declaration of llvm::Reloc is
visible in any file that includes CommonLinkerContext.h. Since our
cpp files have both using namespace llvm and `using namespace
lld::macho`, this results in conflicts with lld::macho::Reloc.

I suppose we could put llvm::Reloc into a nested namespace, but in general,
I think we should avoid transitively including too many header files in
a very widely used header like CommonLinkerContext.h.

RegisterCodeGenFlags' ctor initializes a bunch of function-static
structures and does nothing else, so it should be fine to "initialize"
it as a temporary stack variable rather than as a file static.

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Ideally RegisterCodeGenFlags should be a function call not a class, since it only registers static cl::opts. I think you can simply remove cgf from CommonLinkerContext.h and create a short-lived llvm::codegen::RegisterCodeGenFlags object on the stack inside the CommonLinkerContext constructor definition.

Truly, D108850 does not solve yet the multi-threading issues with cl::opts. This is something I wanted to address later (I have a few patches ready). However in the meanwhile, the objective with D108850 was also to enable -Werror=global-constructors, at least in lldCommon and lldCOFF.

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init CGF on the stack

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LGTM, thanks!

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