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[AVR] Expand STDWSPQRr & STDSPQRr, approach #2
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Authored by Patryk27 on Thu, Nov 25, 1:12 PM.



This takes a different approach to solve instead of hacking around isFrameInstr(), I've moved parts of the logic to AVRMachineFunctionInfo which allowed me to move the registry-checking stuff directly into the AVRExpandPseudo pass, simplifying rest of the code; I think it's the cleaner approach for the issue posted on that MR.

This is my first merge request to LLVM, so probably the quality is subpar, but I'm ofc. open to any comments; thanks! :-)

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just saw there's MBBI.getParent()->getParent() (or something like that) that returns associated function, too


passing MachineFunction "back in here" feels like cheating, but I can't see another way at the moment

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also, this ofc. needs to be refactored to use the EXPAND macro below

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