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[lldb] Move UpdateSymbolContextScopeForType
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Authored by ljmf00 on Dec 6 2021, 4:20 PM.



The UpdateSymbolContextScopeForType method is only used by ParseTypeFromDWARF
at the end and it represents a sequence to update the symbol context scope and
assign the given type to the DIEToType map.

Moving this sequence to DWARFASTParser decouples this logic from the
Clang-specific parser and aim other DWARF parsers to be implemented for other
languages other than C/C++/ObjC/ObjC++ (non-Clang DWARF parsers).

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Can you add a motivation for this to your summary, thank you!

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Can you add a motivation for this to your summary, thank you!

I added some description to it. I don't think it is worth mentioning my work on upstreaming the D lldb plugin, but I'm doing some effort to decouple non-clang specific code from Clang DWARF Parser. I believe this is an important step to generalize and modularize Symbol File parsers for other languages.