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[clang][cli] Port DependencyOutput option flags to new option parsing system

Authored by jansvoboda11 on Jul 13 2020, 10:13 AM.

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Taking over this revision as Daniel is no longer involved.

Rebase, undo the move of options, introduce makeFlagToValueNormalizer

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The original patch used the following normalizer:
(normalizeFlagToValue<DependencyOutputFormat, DependencyOutputFormat::NMake>).

I wanted to remove the parenthesis and redundant type argument, hence makeFlagToValueNormalizer. This could be useful later on when normalizing flags to non-literal types.

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This seems a lot cleaner, thanks!


On the switch from T to unsigned, it'd be nice to avoid a separate instantiation for each enumeration, since the code is identical... it'll just bloat compile time for no reason. Maybe:

/// The tblgen-erated code passes in a fifth parameter of an arbitrary type, but
/// denormalizeSimpleFlags never looks at it. Avoid bloating compile-time with
/// unnecessary template instantiations and just ignore it with a variadic
/// argument.
static void denormalizeSimpleFlag(
    SmallVectorImpl<const char *> &Args, const char *Spelling,
    CompilerInvocation::StringAllocator, unsigned, /*T*/...) {

Note that it'd also be nice to make this static and drop unused parameter names, as I've done here.


Please put this in an anonymous namespace.


Please drop the parameter names for TableIndex and Diags, since they aren't used.


Please declare this static.

This revision now requires changes to proceed.Nov 20 2020, 1:46 PM
dexonsmith added inline comments.Nov 20 2020, 3:37 PM

BTW, I suspect we can save some compile time (once there are lots of these) with:

template <
  class T,
      sizeof(T) <= sizeof(uint64_t) &&
          std::is_trivially_convertible<T, uint64_t>::value &&
          std::is_trivially_convertible<uint64_t, T>::value,
      bool> = false>
FlagToValueNormalizer<uint64_t> makeFlagToValueNormalizer(T Value) {
  return FlagToValueNormalizer<uint64_t>{std::move(Value)};

template <
  class T,
      !(sizeof(T) <= sizeof(uint64_t) &&
            std::is_trivially_convertible<T, uint64_t>::value &&
            std::is_trivially_convertible<uint64_t, T>::value),
      bool> = false>
FlagToValueNormalizer<T> makeFlagToValueNormalizer(T Value) {
  return FlagToValueNormalizer<T>{std::move(Value)};

It'd be worth trying if/once the compile-time begins to climb to catch the enums (that aren't strongly typed) in a single instantiation.

Reduce template instantiations, remove names of unused parameters

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Addressed review feedback.

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This LGTM, with one more nit to consider.


I don't remember seeing std::uint*_t elsewhere in LLVM code; I think we tend to just say uint64_t (getting it from the C namespace). Unless you have a specific reason for adding it I suggest dropping the qualifier.

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Remove unnecessary std namespace

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