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[mlir] Refactor StorageUniquer to require registration of possible storage types
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Authored by rriddle on Thu, Jun 25, 1:36 PM.



This allows for bucketing the different possible storage types, with each bucket having its own allocator/mutex/instance map. This greatly reduces the amount of lock contention when multi-threading is enabled. On some non-trivial .mlir modules (>300K operations), this led to a compile time decrease of a single conversion pass by around half a second(>25%).

Depends On D82595

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rriddle created this revision.Thu, Jun 25, 1:36 PM
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jpienaar added inline comments.Sat, Jul 4, 9:38 AM

Could we keep these sorted?


Mmm, this is one definition of simple, but simple is not very descriptive. KindUniquer ? OneOfKindUniquer ?

Or could go ParametricKindUniquer vs NonparametricKindUniquer as this is about whether the kind's uniquer has additional parameters to consider when uniquering.

Perhaps others would disagree here. This is also a local class ...


Can both be used at the same time? Would a given kind be able to use both?