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[gicombiner] Add the MatchDag structure and parse instruction DAG's from the input

Authored by dsanders on Oct 16 2019, 6:33 PM.



The MatchDag structure is a representation of the checks that need to be
performed and the dependencies that limit when they can happen.

There are two kinds of node in the MatchDag:

  • Instrs - Represent a MachineInstr
  • Predicates - Represent a check that needs to be performed (i.e. opcode, is register, same machine operand, etc.)

and two kinds of edges:

  • (Traversal) Edges - Represent a register that can be traversed to find one instr from another
  • Predicate Dependency Edges - Indicate that a predicate requires a piece of information to be tested.

For example, the matcher:
(match (MOV $t, $s),

(MOV $d, $t))

with MOV declared as an instruction of the form:

%dst = MOV %src1

becomes the following MatchDag with the following instruction nodes:

__anon0_0 // $t=getOperand(0), $s=getOperand(1)
__anon0_1 // $d=getOperand(0), $t=getOperand(1)

traversal edges:

__anon0_1[src1] --[t]--> __anon0_0[dst]

predicate nodes:

<<$mi.getOpcode() == MOV>>:$__anonpred0_2
<<$mi.getOpcode() == MOV>>:$__anonpred0_3

and predicate dependencies:

__anon0_0 ==> __anonpred0_2[mi]
__anon0_0 ==> __anonpred0_3[mi]

The result of this parse is currently unused but can be tested
using -gicombiner-stop-after-parse as done in The
dump for testing includes a graphviz format dump to allow the rule to be
viewed visually.

Later on, these MatchDag's will be used to generate code and to build an
efficient decision tree.

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Is there a mechanism here for supporting hasOneUse checks?


merge into one LLVM_DEBUG block?

Is there a mechanism here for supporting hasOneUse checks?

At the moment it's available using the code-block escape hatch:

(match ...
       [{ ...
          if (!MRI.hasOneUse(${root}.getOperand(1).getReg()))
            return false;

There's a patch that I haven't posted yet (just to keep the patches under review to a reasonable number) that adds the arbitrary C++ predicate feature (GIMatchPredicate from the original proposal) and that will be the preferred way to use it unless/until we decide that GIMatchTree (D69152) needs to be aware of it

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LGTM with a few nits.


Is there a reason not to add continue here? Do we want to keep processing if it failed to add edges?


Nit: curly braces can be removed.


Nit: empty lines


Nit: this can be replaced with if (auto Annotation = getOpcodeAnnotation())


Nit: empty line

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dsanders added inline comments.

It's so that we print more errors (if there are any) before we give up. This helps the developer fix all their mistakes in fewer attempts.