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[Disassembler] MCELFNoteDisassembler abstraction
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Authored by tpr on Oct 3 2018, 1:30 AM.



This commit adds a new abstraction that a target can register with
TargetRegistry to disassemble an ELF note record. This is different to
the ELFNoteDumper abstraction I added in an earlier change; this new one
takes an MCTargetStreamer to stream directives into, and is intended for
a disassembler that wants to show the note record in a form that is
editable and re-assemblable.

A subsequent commit will add an implementation of this in AMDGPU.

There is currently no in-tree user of this.

Change-Id: I6a46db4f88b0d27a1abd06c878c2bf092bb1665b

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tpr created this revision.Oct 3 2018, 1:30 AM

See D52824 for the start of AMDGPU implementing this.

As there is currently no in-tree user, I would be happy with a review that says "LGTM subject to there being a testable in-tree user". Then I can keep the change in a holding pattern until we're in a position to upstream the code that uses it.

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