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[OpenMP][Offloading] Use bitset to indicate execution mode instead of value

Authored by tianshilei1992 on Sep 18 2021, 5:28 PM.



The execution mode of a kernel is stored in a global variable, whose value means:

  • 0 - SPMD mode
  • 1 - indicates generic mode
  • 2 - SPMD mode execution with generic mode semantics

We are going to add support for SIMD execution mode. It will be come with another
execution mode, such as SIMD-generic mode. As a result, this value-based indicator
is not flexible.

This patch changes to bitset based solution to encode execution mode. Each
position is:
[0] - generic mode
[1] - SPMD mode
[2] - SIMD mode (will be added later)

In this way, 0x1 is generic mode, 0x2 is SPMD mode, and 0x3 is SPMD mode
execution with generic mode semantics. In the future after we add the support for
SIMD mode, 0b1xx will be in SIMD mode.

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jdoerfert added inline comments.Sep 19 2021, 10:24 PM

The magic constants need to go into OpenMPConstans.h as enum values.


Same here.


I think you can include OpenMPConstants.h here.

tianshilei1992 marked 3 inline comments as done.Sep 20 2021, 12:45 PM

Just more style things, I think the rest is fine.

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If you copy the LLVM_MARK_AS_BITMASK_ENUM stuff you can actually use the enum class as bitmask w/o the static casts all the time.
I'd also suggest to create the combinations here, so GenericSPMD = Generic | SPMD;.

tianshilei1992 marked 2 inline comments as done.Sep 21 2021, 9:10 AM
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That's very nice to know.

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Do we want to set a NONE = 0x0 here?

It looks better to use enum in this case

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This seems to be related to some things failing on amdgpu at present:

Target AMDGPU RTL --> Error wrong exec_mode value specified in HSA code object file: 3

The semantics for this mode seem to have been introduced in D106460, which updated the amdgpu plugin to match. I think applying roughly this patch to the amdgpu plugin will bring it back to working.