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[amdgpu] Handle the case where there is no scavenged register.
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Authored by hliao on Jul 21 2021, 8:07 AM.


  • When an unconditional branch is expanded into an indirect branch, if there is no scavenged register, an SGPR pair needs spilling to enable the destination PC calculation. In addition, before jumping into the destination, that clobbered SGPR pair need restoring.
  • As SGPR cannot be spilled to or restored from memory directly, the spilling/restoring of that SGPR pair reuses the regular SGPR spilling support but without spilling it into memory. As that spilling and restoring points are fully controlled, we only need to spill that SGPR into the temporary VGPR, which needs spilling into its emergency slot.
  • The target-specific hook is revised to take additional restore block, where the restoring code is filled. After that, the relaxation will place that restore block directly before the destination block and insert an unconditional branch in any fall-through block into the destination block.

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arsenm added inline comments.Aug 6 2021, 6:26 AM

typo Optiionally


I'm pretty sure this is illegal, you can't have a branch to the entry block


Where did this frame index come from?