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[AArch64] Revert "Prevent hoisting fmul from THEN/ELSE to IF if there is fmsub/fmadd opportunity."
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Authored by sebpop on Wed, Apr 21, 8:23 AM.



This reverts commit 543900539f7c166d453e5bd5175f9461dbbd4319.

As explained in this patch causes missed optimizations:
it disables simplifyCFG from hoisting fmul even when all uses of the multiply could be hoisted.

The side-effects of the patch do not justify the original motivation for the change:
"improved spec2006/soplex by 2% consistently on cortex-a57 core"

One example where this change is harmful is
where ISPC generates similar code on both branches and relies on simplifyCFG to remove the branch.
The branch is removed only after the arm64 back-end pairs fmul+fadd
and after that, there are not enough scalar optimizations to clean up the code.

A better solution is to make instruction selection work on multiple basic-blocks
such that it can decide to sink and fuse multiplies to form FMAs.

Tested on arm64-linux.

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