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Simplify BitVector code

Authored by serge-sans-paille on Tue, Apr 13, 7:34 AM.



Instead of managing memory by hand, delegate it to std::vector. This makes the
code much simpler, easier to reason on and also avoids repeatedly computing the storage size.

According to valgrind --tool=callgrind, this also slightly decreases the
instruction count, but by a small margin.

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serge-sans-paille requested review of this revision.Tue, Apr 13, 7:34 AM
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nikic added inline comments.

Any thoughts on making this SmallVector<BitWord, 0> instead?


is preferable imho.


Missing NumBitWords?


You only call this API with Bits.begin() and it already accessed Bits.end() internally, which makes for a weirdly asymmetric API. Move the Bits.begin() inside the call?

serge-sans-paille marked 4 inline comments as done.

Take review into account.

nikic accepted this revision.Tue, Apr 13, 2:53 PM



I'd move these next to the copy/move constructors ... though actually, can we just drop all of these? I don't think the explicit defaulting is necessary in this instance.

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Tue, Apr 13, 2:53 PM
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I have tracked the asan build bot breakage to this change. See below.

I would fix it forward, but the issue isn't obvious to me, and getting things fixed is higher value.

Therefore am reverting.

About the actual change: LLVM code tries to be careful with allocations. std::vector is pretty allocation-heavy. Did you check that this doesn't increase malloc traffic?

dexonsmith added inline comments.Wed, Apr 14, 8:12 PM

BTW, SmallVector<BitWord, 0> should be the same size as MutableArrayRef on 64-bit platforms, whereas std::vector is an extra word. Might be nice to avoid making BitVector bigger.

@saugustine thanks for the revert. I'll investigate that.
@thakis I checked the instruction count and overall execution time and didn't notice much change.
@dexonsmith Yeah that was the plan: switch to SmallVector once that one, hum, validates ;-)


You read in my mind :-) That's the next step.

Might to good updating the revision before a reland next time :)
It highlights what has changed.