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[libcxx][iterator] adds `std::weakly_incrementable` and `std::incrementable`

Authored by cjdb on Apr 7 2021, 5:48 PM.



Implements parts of:

  • P0896R4 The One Ranges Proposal`

Depends on D100073.

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renames all the cryptic types imported from cjdb-ranges

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corrects typo tanking CI

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adds subsumption tests

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This LGTM sans the small nits.


I assume this wasn't intentional.


(Non-blocking.) Does it really make sense to test vector and optional, particularly? It seems pretty obvious that these aren't incrementable.


You test this exact same thing in the other file. Let's only test it in one place (this file makes more sense to me than the other one).


Same comment.

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This LGTM generally speaking, but I'd like to understand the story for signed-integer-class types.

62 ↗(On Diff #339276)


An integer-like type I is signed-integer-like if it models signed_­integral<I> or if it is a signed-integer-class type.

Here, we detect if it models signed_­integral, but not if it's a signed-integer-class type. Reading the description of what a signed-integer-class type is (starting at, it's not clear to me how to even check for that. Do you know what's the intent of the standard here?


I think those comments could be dropped since they don't add much IMO. Feel free to leave in this patch and we'll address that as a NFC on the whole file later.

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62 ↗(On Diff #339276) conveys the full discussion, but the tl;dr is that LWG were concerned about the distances causing overflow between two iterators in the same range (e.g. iota_view). Implementers (and only implementers) are free to provide integer class types with an range larger than long long. We don't do this (our __int128_t is an extended integral type), so we can get away with this definition (which I learnt in Belfast is allowed, cc @tcanens).

Implementing __is_signed_integer_like to account for class types is computationally complex and really error-prone to get right (similar to the old std::boolean concept), so I'd prefer not to do it without first having a class type that we care about.


Let's leave it for an NFC, for consistency's sake? (i.e. I plan to add them to all future iterator concept patches, and then we can delete them in one fell swoop.)

ldionne accepted this revision.Apr 21 2021, 2:07 PM

I like that we're splitting the conformance tests into their own files like iterator_concept_conformance.compile.pass.cpp.

Ship it once you fix the CI, which fails in a few places (e.g.

62 ↗(On Diff #339276)

Thanks a lot for the reference! So it does look like we indeed don't need to do anything here unless/until we decide to add a user-defined integer-class type.

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