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[X86][SSE2] Follow up patch for D87236 to avoid the regression regarding horizontal unsigned 16 bit minimums and maximums.
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Authored by TomHender on Sep 21 2020, 8:34 AM.



This is a follow up patch for D87236 based on the comments about the test regressions.

The new code is even slightly better than it was originally because the first sign bit flip is pulled before the first shuffle. Maybe this should also be done for lowering for 8 bit signed minimums and maximums.

An entirely alternative approach to fix the regression might be to switch to the "sign bit flip" method depending on some heuristic based on the number of chained UMIN/UMAX instructions. For example when calculating the median of 3 integers via max(min(x, y), min(max(x, y), z)), we also want to use the old way, I think. However this is more complex to implement.

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RKSimon added inline comments.Tue, Sep 29, 10:07 AM

Is it worth pulling this in as well?


clang-format this

We might be better off waiting until D88787 lands then we can decide if we want to use shouldExpandReduction() to allow us to handle these reduction opcodes in dag directly