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[llvm-readelf] - --elf-hash-histogram: do not crash when the .gnu.hash goes past the EOF.

Authored by grimar on Tue, May 19, 7:38 AM.



llvm-readelf might crash when the .gnu.hash table goes past the EOF.

This patch splits and updates the code of a helper function checkGNUHashTable,
which is similar to checkHashTable and fixes the issue.

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grimar created this revision.Tue, May 19, 7:38 AM
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MaskRay accepted this revision.Tue, May 19, 8:49 AM


This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Tue, May 19, 8:49 AM
jhenderson added inline comments.Thu, May 21, 1:35 AM

This and below includes reference to 2 variables (MASKWORDS and NBUCKETS) that don't appear to be used?

Should you also add something that shows that the hash histogram isn't printed in these cases?


Perhaps move this comment and the similar one below, to where they are actually used.


Again, probably in a follow-up, perhaps this should be changed to reportUniqueWarning (and similar in checkHashTable). That way, if a user requested both the hash histogram and hash tables (which seems like a not unreasonable request), they'd only get the warning once.


I note that printHashTable doesn't print any information at all if the hash table is bad, but this prints the header information. Perhaps (in a follow-up), printHashTable could be changed to print the header information like here?

grimar marked an inline comment as done.Thu, May 21, 4:06 AM

This patch still depends on D80204, I'll address other comments after.


Yes, I've noticed this difference too when wrote this patch. I've addressed this and above comment here: D80373

grimar planned changes to this revision.Tue, May 26, 6:29 AM
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grimar added inline comments.

It is incorrect to do this check so late I think. I'll move it earlier (

grimar updated this revision to Diff 266836.Thu, May 28, 6:12 AM
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  • Updated implementation.
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grimar added inline comments.Thu, May 28, 6:12 AM



Moved right parts.


Fixed in this patch, because I had to change the implementation of this method to support the case when the header can be read, but the rest of the table is broken.

grimar requested review of this revision.Thu, May 28, 6:12 AM
jhenderson accepted this revision.Fri, May 29, 2:25 AM

Looks good with one question.


Could you clarify why the no-op values have changed?

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Fri, May 29, 2:25 AM
grimar marked an inline comment as done.Fri, May 29, 2:46 AM
grimar added inline comments.

BloomFilter and HashBuckets both have one value (0x0) each:

## The number of words in the Bloom filter.
      MaskWords: [[MASKWORDS]]
## The number of hash buckets.
      NBuckets:  [[NBUCKETS]]
    BloomFilter: [ 0x0 ]
    HashBuckets: [ 0x0 ]

So previous values (2 and 3) were wrong. I guess I've took these arrays from another test,
simplified them, but forgot to change the no-op values previously...

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