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[clangd] Fix the stale documentation about background indexing.

Authored by hokein on Aug 29 2019, 4:24 AM.

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hokein created this revision.Aug 29 2019, 4:24 AM

Thanks for updating this! Pinging @sammccall since he is also working on writing some release docs, might be helpful to bring this to your attention.

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I don't think it is necessary to mention the version. It could be better to directly start with

Clangd builds an incremental index over files listed in the compilation database.
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instead of enables let's say improves ?

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drop the global

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let's mention it will only use your idle cores to build an index and total amount of cores it will use can be limited to X by passing -j=X to clangd

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that's not necessarily true, we also save at home directory, and I don't think it is relevant for installation. maybe rather drop it?

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instead of if it's disabled...

Note that, disabling background-index will limit clangd's knowledge about your codebase to
files you are currently editing.
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I don't think it is relevant for installation section again. But let's make the you probably don't need this a seperate line and make it bold or red ?

hokein updated this revision to Diff 221508.Sep 24 2019, 4:33 AM
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Address comments.

hokein updated this revision to Diff 221509.Sep 24 2019, 4:35 AM

fix a typo

hokein added inline comments.Sep 24 2019, 4:35 AM
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I think it is important to mention this. For most cases, .clangd/index is in in the project root, right?

kadircet added inline comments.Sep 24 2019, 5:44 AM
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yes, but still if you are planning to mention this please also mention something like: Index shards for common headers like standard library will be stored in $HOME/.clangd/index

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seems to be the same?

hokein updated this revision to Diff 221523.Sep 24 2019, 5:50 AM
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address comments.

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oops, I forgot this comment.

kadircet accepted this revision.Sep 25 2019, 1:18 AM

thanks, lgtm!

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This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Sep 25 2019, 1:18 AM
hokein updated this revision to Diff 221687.Sep 25 2019, 1:24 AM
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Fix a typo.

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