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Lower generic MASSV entries to PowerPC subtarget-specific entries
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Authored by pjeeva01 on Mar 27 2019, 8:09 AM.



This patch (second of two patches) lowers the generic PowerPC vector entries to PowerPC subtarget-specific entries.
For instance, the PowerPC generic entry “cbrtd2_massv” is lowered to “cbrtd2_P9” or Power9 subtarget.

The first patch enables the vectorizer to recognize the IBM MASS vector library routines. This patch specifically adds support for recognizing the “-vector-library=MASSV” option, and defines mappings from IEEE standard scalar math functions to generic PowerPC MASS vector counterparts.
For instance, the generic PowerPC MASS vector entry for double-precision “cbrt” function is “__cbrtd2_massv”

The overall support for MASS vector library is presented as such in two patches for ease of review.

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