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Add !thread.private metadata
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Authored by reames on Sep 17 2018, 2:30 PM.



As recently proposed and discussed on LLVM dev:!topic/llvm-dev/oYcAtJnwALY

Feedback on naming and specification is particularly welcome.

Note: The LangRef change may not build. I'll fix any warnings before submission. I generally don't build docs because it increases build time noticeable and enabling it requires a clean build, so I'll do that once at the end.

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reames created this revision.Sep 17 2018, 2:30 PM
reames retitled this revision from Add !thread.private metdata to Add !thread.private metadata .Sep 17 2018, 2:30 PM

Just noting a couple of known gaps (to save reviewers time):

  • No verifier support (will add before submission)
  • Need to add references from each support instruction type in the docs (done to avoid rebase headache)

Follow on things which need to happen later:

  • Once we settle on naming, extra and rename existing logic in LICM and DSE into a utility file in Analysis.
  • Add a way to test that analysis in isolation. (print-thread-private or something)

FIXME: Change to thread.private.

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