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[DebugInfo] Remove `dbg.addr` from CodeGen

Authored by jryans on Feb 25 2023, 4:13 PM.



As part of this work, removing SDDbgValue::clearIsEmitted originally added for
dbg.addr in 045c67769d7fe577fc38cccb6fb40fd814437447 was attempted, but it
appears some tests for DBG_INSTR_REF now depend on that behaviour as well, so
it was kept and comments were updated instead.

Part of dbg.addr removal
Discussed in

Depends on D144799

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For the purposes of this test, we can also remove this line and the test for "Var1" above - since this test is testing that this range merges with the one that is being deleted, the test isn't meaningful anymore; ideally we'd have a good way to test this otherwise, but don't consider it a blocker on this patch.

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Ah hmm, what if instead of removing the dbg.addr below, I were to replace it with dbg.declare...? Would that preserve the full meaning of this test?

StephenTozer added inline comments.Feb 27 2023, 8:46 AM

If a dbg.declare exists for a variable, there should be no other debug intrinsics for that variable; I'm not sure if that would be validated, but it *shouldn't* happen naturally, so best not to test against it imo.

jryans added inline comments.Feb 27 2023, 8:52 AM

Ah hmm, perhaps then we could repeat the dbg.value + deref from line 31 at the removed line 40 (effectively that's what the auto-upgraded dbg.addr would turn into anyway)...?

StephenTozer added inline comments.Feb 27 2023, 9:01 AM

Also sadly not - the difference with dbg.addr is that we have DBG_VALUE %r, $noreg, !"var1", !DIExpr(DW_OP_deref) and DBG_VALUE %r, 0, !"var1", !DIExpr(); identical meanings, but different representations. That's what's being tested for here - that at some point the compiler recognizes the debug values mean the same thing and merges them. I wouldn't worry about this test blocking the patch - the right move might be to convert this to a MIR test with the instructions being explicit, but that can be done separately.

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Removed surrounding test checks following review comments

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