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[MLIR][Presburger] Support divisions in union of two PWMAFunction

Authored by Groverkss on Nov 16 2022, 4:21 AM.



This patch adds support for divisions in the union of two PWMAFunction. This is
now possible because of previous patches, which made divisions explicitly
stored in MultiAffineFunction (MAF). This patch also refactors the previous
implementation, moving the implementation for obtaining a set of points where a
MAF is lexicographically "better" than the other to MAF.

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  • Fix spell error

Why is the Compare change in this patch?


maybe use Ordering to follow std::strong_ordering


maybe mention in a comment that this is templated since it's passed as a a lambda. wish we had better partial application in c++!

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Please add a commit summary.


Compare -> ComparisonKind

Please use more descriptive naming.

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I used OrderingKind enum in this patch because I wanted to move the lexSet implementation to MultiAffineFunction.

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Removing change request.

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