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[AIX] Print printable byte list as quoted string

Authored by jsji on May 19 2021, 2:25 PM.



.byte supports string, so if the whole byte list are printable,
we can actually print the string for readability and LIT tests maintainence.

.byte 'H,'e,'l,'l,'o,',,' ,'w,'o,'r,'l,'d


.byte "Hello, world"

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If going through the whole string, going through make_range is not needed.


isPrint returns true for ", which does require escaping.


This breaks the abstraction. That a "byte-list" directive accepting a list of elements where there are single-quote-prefixed character literals is available does not mean that the same directive accepts a string argument.

Note: PrintQuotedString does print more general strings on AIX (that do not contain a newline); however, I do not believe it to be desirable to emit control characters and the such "raw".


Here may be a nice point to add a condition that hasPairedDoubleQuoteStringConstants means we check isPrintableString before deciding to use AIX .string for .asciz and AIX .byte for .ascii.

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Address comments.

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This still need some slight change to deal with the ending 0 so that we can handle .string.

jsji updated this revision to Diff 346830.May 20 2021, 12:51 PM

Update .string handling.



LGTM with minor comments; thanks!


See suggested edit. Emphasizing the difference from .ascii by starting with its associated comment is nice. Need to indicate that this is the zero-terminated case though.


Minor comment: Can just return the expression instead of using it for if/else.


Minor nit: typo.


The style guide was clarified some time ago to indicate that mixing use/non-use of braces in an if/else chain is discouraged.

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Address comments.

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