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[Clang][Sema] better -Wcast-function-type diagnose for pointer parameters and parameters with cv-qualifiers
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Authored by ychen on Apr 5 2021, 3:22 PM.


  1. Skip diagnosing all pointer-like parameters.
  2. Replace Context.hasSameUnqualifiedType with Context.hasSimilarType.
  3. Add corresponding tests.

After some thoughts, I think we could add the following extension in the
future (probably under an additional flag such as `-Wcast-function-type=2)
according to user feedbacks for the reasons: 1) users could use
void(*)(void) to explicitly override checks (for example:; 2) these checks could
hide real bugs that users may want to catch; 3) using void(*)(void)
makes following extension worthwhile only when a codebase uses these
patterns on a large scale which seems unlikely.

(GCC does not do the following)

  • allow integer promotion (void(int) -> void(char))
  • allow arbitrary pointer-to-member conversion


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