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[LSan] Introduce a callback mechanism to allow adding data reachable from ThreadContexts to the frontier.

Authored by delcypher on Jan 21 2021, 4:18 PM.



This mechanism is intended to provide a way to treat the arg pointer
of a created (but not yet started) thread as reachable. In future
patches this will be implemented in ForEachRegisteredThreadContextCb.

A separate implementation of ForEachRegisteredThreadContextCb exists
for ASan and LSan runtimes because they need to be implemented
differently in future patches.


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vitalybuka added inline comments.Jan 21 2021, 8:53 PM

to avoid frontier access from asan
could you please just:

InternalMmapVector<uptr> ptrs;
      ForEachRegisteredThreadContextCb, &ptrs);

for (: ptr) {
  // process ptr here.

another option is nested callback but it seems unnecessary


I would prefer if we handle this in ProcessThreads(suspended_threads, frontier) for suspended_threads
But I guess we don't know if just created threads are in suspended_threads.

Still this is very Thread related
so maybe call GetThreadRegistryLocked()->RunCallbackForEachThreadLocked(
from the ProcessThreads() with commend that GetThreadRegistryLocked may contains threads


forward declaration instead of the new include?


Maybe ForEachRegisteredThreadContextCb -> GetAdditionalThreadContextPtrs to show what is expected from this CB

delcypher added inline comments.Jan 22 2021, 12:47 PM

Good idea. This means that ASan and LSan can share some logic here and it avoids the problems I ran into trying to use flags()->log_pointers from asan_allocator.cpp


I would prefer if we handle this in ProcessThreads(suspended_threads, frontier) for suspended_threads

But I guess we don't know if just created threads are in suspended_threads.

I don't think we can use suspended_threads. I glanced at the origin of the suspend_threads list and on Linux that comes from reading /proc/*/task (see ThreadLister::ThreadLister). That won't necessarily contain be the threads (not started) we are interested in. The types are also wrong. The list of suspended threads look like tid_t but we actually need the ThreadContext objects which would require a O(N) look up into the thread registry anyway. It's simpler to just walk the thread registry.

I could move the code walking the thread registry into ProcessThreads. However, that function is already pretty big. Can I just change ProcessThreads() to call ProcessThreadRegistry() at the end to make the code easier to read?


I'll try it out. I can't actually remember why this include was necessary. It might be that's actually needed for the subsequent patch.


Good idea. I'll do rename.

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Address first round of feedback.

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Thanks, LGTM.

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