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[DebugInfo] Support for DW_OP_implicit_pointer.
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Authored by alok on Sun, Nov 3, 11:24 PM.



This patch adds support for DW_OP_implicit_pointer.

This will enable debugger to show dereferenced value of optimized out pointer.
It has been validated for SROA, mem2reg and Instruction-combiner optimizations.

This also fixes PR43289

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alok created this revision.Sun, Nov 3, 11:24 PM
Herald added a project: Restricted Project. · View Herald TranscriptSun, Nov 3, 11:24 PM

Rough first review: This looks like it touches a lot of places. I think it might make more sense as several separate patches - improving salavageDebugINfo and then separate patches for each new call-site (including appropriate test cases showing how each new call site is useful).

This looks very interesting! I agree with David though that it would be nice to split this into smaller parts.