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[LNT] Python 3 support: Parse HTML as text

Authored by thopre on Oct 10 2019, 1:32 PM.



Several tests and the testsuite run import code parse text read from the
data attribute of a Flask response object (werkzeug.wrappers.Response).
However, in Python3 reading from that attribute yields binary data.
The attribute is in fact a property whose getter get_data() as a as_text
parameter that allows to request the result to be a string instead.

This commit adapts all reads from that property to request strings
instead of binary data (the default), except for a few cases in
tests/server/ui/ where the data is fed to ElementTree's
fromstring method in get_xml_tree() which tries to reencode it in ascii
in Python 2 mode if it gets a unicode string.

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Merge more similar cases into this patch

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LGTM but someone else must approve.



We indeed tend toward assertEqual for Python 3.
You've already replaced one assertEquala with assertEqual in this patch, could you clean this one up as well?

thopre marked 2 inline comments as done.
thopre added inline comments.

I've made a separate diff fixing all existing use of assertEquals:

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Committed as b2e114bd7f7c2d6fe08edbe0c5811768e703727d